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Lifestyle Kung Fu is a Martial Arts Training Institute specialising in Traditional and modern training methods in Wing Chun Kung Fu, Self-Defence and Fitness Kickboxing and San Shou.


Wing Chun Kung Fu

Lifestyle Kung Fu Melbourne was founded in 1993 by Sifu Bruce Corles. Sifu Bruce has over 33 years martial arts experience and continues to train his students personally, along with many other Government Qualified Instructors.

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Kids Kung Fu

Our dynamic program focuses on teaching Kung Fu to children in a way that emphasises a healthy body and mind, with the added benefit of self-protection.
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Fighting Fit

Lifestyle Fighting Fit classes offer a combination of stretching, conditioning and effective self defence that reduces stress, boosts energy and wellness and teaches practical self defence skills.

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San Shou

San Shou is the fastest growing amateur combat sport the world. San Shou is the official full contact fighting sport of modern Wushu which is rapidly growing in popularity around the world.

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Lifestyle Kung Fu conducts regular training camps and seminars to further the education and progression of our students.
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Lifestyle Kung Fu organises and participates in tournaments for all ages.
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